League Rules

General League Rules

  1. The number ONE rule is this league is for fun. Actions deemed inappropriate by the league board members are subject to penalty. Such inappropriate actions would include but are not limited to fighting, abusive language, poor sportsmanship, general degrading either verbally or by actions before during or after league play on league night. Any complaints are to be turned into the league president by Wednesday the day after the offence. The league board reserves the right to review complaints and issue penalty ranging from loss of team wins, suspensions, or ejection from the league. Penalties can be for single players, teams or bars. All issued actions by the board are final and not subject to appeal.
  2. Start time is scheduled for 7:30 pm. There is a 30 minute grace period. If there is going to be a problem starting on time, the team captains must work it out, if the other team wants to wait past 8pm that is ok with the league, just has to be agreed upon before 8pm.
  3. Nightly fees are $8.00 per night, per player, totaling $48.00. Each team puts $6.00 dollars in the dart board out of the $48.00 collected, leaving $42.00 to be turned it with the stats each night. Some bars in the league have machines that take .75 cents for one player of 501. On these nights take the extra money for the board out of the collected fees. This will leave $39.00 for the envelope. Money is non-refundable if a league member is dropped from the league by the board or if that player stops playing for any reason.
  4. Team rosters are limited to 9 players including the captain. The rosters are to be finalized after the end of the 2nd week of play. Any roster changes must be approved by the league board if they are made after the 2nd week of play.
  5. Subs off the bar may be used when necessary but must be approved by both team captains PRIOR to the start of the first game. Bar subs that have not played during this season use the league average. The captain is responsible for getting the subs complete name for scoring purposes because there names will show up on a separate score sheet for bar subs incase the bar sub plays for another team at a different time in the year. Captains PLEASE make sure your bar sub knows that if he/she plays again that they will have a handicap & must use it if they play again this season. Captain's, PLEASE check the sub score sheet for the name of a person that is going to play from the bar for you before you set your line ups and handicaps for the night.
  6. Ghost rule. If your team only has 5 members and there are no possible bar subs you may play with 5 players. One team will have only one player. That player can play in either the first or second spot on the score sheet. When it comes time for the ghost player to play the player change button must be hit, no points being scored (basically you loose that turn). The team with the ghost uses a combined handicap like the other teams only the ghost player has the league average for handicap. So for an example, if George has a 22.1 handicap & he is playing with a ghost at a league average of 17.1, his team handicap is 39.2 and the handicap difference between his average & the team he is playing average is how the games handicap score is figured automatically on the board.
  7. 4 player rule. If your team only has 4 players and can not find any bar subs, you forfeit the nights games (0 wins & 12 losses). This match can be made up if scheduled between the two teams as long as it is approved by the league board prior to the make up game being played.
  8. All players must watch the dart board for it to switch over after each round is complete. It is each player's responsibility to make sure he/she is throwing darts on the correct score. As we all know not every dart board will automatically switch players even if it is designed that way. To avoid a problem, after you throw your darts, walk up to the board, hit the player change button & remove your darts quickly before the board switches over to the next players turn. You should not count on the dart board to do this for you.
  9. In the event a player throws a dart before the dart board completely changes over to his/her turn then the player must throw the last two darts, and then get each captain to make sure they agree with what happened & may at that time tap the dart in.
  10. If you throw three darts and only two of them score but the board says you threw all three darts then the score stands. You can not spin the board around & give credit for that dart. Darts can bounce off the board by hitting the lines between the segments, thus not scoring any points. This is part of the game. The board never lies except on the winning thrown dart.
  11. If a player from one team throws a dart that scores on the other teams score then the player change button must be hit, then the player can tap that dart in on the correct players turn & throw the last two darts. The other teams score will remain after the mistaken dart was thrown unless the captain wants to reverse it & give his own team back the points. (Example: if team one has 50 points left & a player from the other teams throws a dart that scores 3 points, leaving the other teams score at 47, the team captain can either leave it at 47 or he can choose to have his/her player throw for the 50 they should have been shooting for). This decision MUST be made by the team captain, the player who is going to be throwing at that score & the other team captain before any more darts are thrown. Once that decision is made it is final and can not be disputed.
  12. It is the captains' responsibility to handle any & all controversy between teams, players & rules interpretations. If a decision can not be reached between the captains' then stop play & contact a league board member at once. The league board member will make a final decision that will be final.
  13. Darts will be thrown from an 8 foot line. This line should be clearly marked. It is the team captains' & bar owner/operators' responsibility to make sure the line is clearly marked.
  14. *Each team captain has the responsibility to drop off the score sheets & money at the Peotone American Legion, Peotone Bowling Alley or The Country Place by 9:30 pm on Wednesday, the day after league night. NO EXCEPTIONS! There are no other drop points.
  15. *Not submitting your scores onto the website by the Thursday night by midnight will result in your team forfeiting the prior week's games. If you are having an issue getting them entered then you need to email president@unclebrewski.com prior to the Thursday night deadline to avoid your penalty. The other team will only be credited for the games they win/loose. This penalty will not effect the other team's record at all.
  16. The home team shoots first the first game of the night. After the first game the winner of the prior game shoots first in the next game.
  17. Handicaps can be taken off the point total in three ways.
    • If the team that is shooting first is getting points taken off then take them off before starting the game.
    • If the team shooting second is getting points then the team playing first can throw there first round, then hit the player change button to player two, take off the handicap, hit player change & then switch the board back around to player two.
    • Or if the team shooting second is getting points taken off then you can hit player change over to player two, take the handicap off & then start the game on player one with the dart board showing round 2. Remember, not all boards will let you switch the player change over to start on player two, they will just add more players to the game, so the second option should be what everyone practices.
  18. WHEN KEEPING SCORE, any one dart that scores 50 points or more (triple 20, triple 19, triple 18, triple 17, Bull's-eye) is scored as a bull. Bulls or any dart that scores 50 points are now counted thru the entire game (unlike seasons past where they were kept only in the first three rounds).
  19. If a player busts after hitting a bull or one of the above stated triples (rule 19) the bulls DO NOT count. Example: If Billybob has 119 left and he throws two bulls and a double 19, totaling 138, he busts and the two bulls that he threw do not count towards his total for that game.
  20. All league members MUST be 21 years of age or older OR accompanied by a parent or legal guardian AND have approval of the bar that he/she is going to be playing at that night The final decision for enforcing this rule belongs to the bar owner/operator. Any league member that is 20 years old or less & is caught playing in a bar without approval will be expelled from the league for the remainder of the season. PLEASE get permission from the bar first, don't take a chance on getting caught.
  21. *All team players and/or subs must have played in 20 or more regular season games to qualify for the playoffs.
  22. *All sponsor fees are due to the league by the 2nd week of play 10/20. The sponsor fees are $50 per team.

* Denotes new or updated rule.