League News

League Updates for Week 3!

      Starting on 11/13:
      • Anyone with no average needs to be entered. The league average after week 2 is 17.3, see page 7 of the board instructions to input on the board.
      • If you add a bar sub, please make sure you put in their starting average if they have played before.



    Keeping Stats

      Your summary sheets need to have any 'bar subs' written on the back. League fee is $8 per player, less the cost of the games.
      Do not short your envelope. If you have a sub you are paying for, please put it in.
      Drop off the envelope by Thursday night to the Game On, Peotone Bowling Alley, Country Place or Fire Pit.
      There are also teams not entering their summary sheet online, please make sure you do so by Friday night. Thank you. - THIS IS NO LONGER A PROBLEM :D





    Congratulations to our winners for the 2017-2018 season!

        A-B Bracket:



        C-D Bracket: