League News


      • February 18 will be the bottom 4 teams in A/B division.
      • February 25 will be the 8 seeded teams in A/B and C/D divisions.
      • March 3 will be the semifinals and championship in A/B and C/D divisions and will start at 7pm.
        • Brackets are posted below. First to 7 is the winner. If you need to play a game 13, you must start the league match over. You will pick the team who will throw first as the home team. For the home team, players 5 and 6 in the order need to be set for the game. For the team going second, the visitor, players 1 and 2 need to be correct. Do not put your money in the board to start that game until you see that it is set up the way that you intend to play game 13. Thanks.
              A-B Bracket:



              C-D Bracket:



            Stats and Schedule

              The link to the schedule can be found through the schedule link in the menu at the top of the page.