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    Hi Everyone,

    I apologize for the delay in getting the schedule loaded into the web site. Here is tomorrow so everyone knows where they are going.

    Away Team @ Home Team:

    Midtown Misfits @ Route 50 North 2
    Gallagher's Pub 1 @ Durbins Manteno
    Fire Pit 1 @ Peotone Bowling Alley 1
    American Legion 1 @ Pub at Midtown 1
    Sammy's Pizza @ American Legion 2
    Route 50 North 1 @ Gallagher's Pub 2
    Peotone Bowling Alley 2 @ Gallagher's Pub 3
    FP3 Dart Divas @ Brian's Place 2
    Brian's Place 1 @ Throwback's 2
    Country Place 1 @ Country Place 2
    Suzy's Saloon @ Fire Pit 2

    A couple of other things need attention:

    1. We are also missing some contact information for captains and co-captains. Please, log onto the unclebrewski.com website and click on Team Captains on the left side of the window. If you have missing or incorrect information, please send it directly to me and I will get it updated.

    2. If you do not have a log on to the web site, you must have one to enter your stats every week by Friday night. I check and update them on Saturday morning before I do anything else.

    3. Most importantly, good luck to everyone this season!

    Thank you,




Keeping Stats

    Your summary sheets should include everyone's first and last name. There have been several mismatches in the stats entries due to teams entering the wrong names. Please also make sure the white copy makes it into the money envelope so we have the best chance of interpreting the errors.
    There are also teams not entering their summary sheet online, please make sure you do so by Friday night. Thank you.



Updated: Stats Submission

    The home team is responsible for making sure the envelope is turned in by Thursday night to the Peotone American Legion, Peotone Bowling Alley or Country Place.
    If you need help with access to enter your stats please contact Todd Siefert.



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